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Saturday, 29 September 2007

Why Tantra for women?

Women have traditionally been the custodians of Tantra. In the Egyptian King Making Ceremonies of ancient times, it was a female Tantrika who initiated the king-to-be into the mysteries. In matriarchal times, priestesses were the guardians of the temples where sexuality was sacred practice. When patriarchal tribes took over the ancient matriarchal civilizations, they did this through violence, and by rewriting mythology. In the new mythology, women who celebrated their sexuality (as the temple priestesses had) were demonized as prostitutes. This has over the centuries resulted in a huge split in women’s consciousness between sexuality and the sacred, between the whore and the virgin in ourselves. On the one hand, we try to repress or deny our sexuality, and on the other hand we feel we are only worthy if we are seen as sexy. We as women have not been the innocent victims of this polarity; we have supported this institution from mother to child.

There is a particular wisdom in female sexuality that could be a great source of transformation and awakening in our time. There is very little knowledge and understanding about female sexuality in our world though. Because we do not grow up in households and communities that teach us the unique mysteries of female sexuality, women mostly learn about sexuality through our sexual encounters with men. We learn how men move, how to please them, how to be like them. Since we are internally both male and female, this immersion into the world of male sexuality can be valuable learning. But if we want to move into the fullness of our own sexuality, then we do well to start exploring the unique ways in which our bodies, and our energy systems as women, want to move sexual energy.

Sexual energy is a tremendous source of vitality and life force. When we own and live our sexual energy, we incarnate – we come to embody the goddess within. We wake up to the moment. Through our sexual flow as women, the worlds are birthed. When we open and allow this energy to flow, we enter the universe of our inner belonging. We begin to embody our own bliss without needing the mirror of the other. And when we come to fully embrace ourselves, we become the best lovers we could ever be. Eventually, we become Lovers of Existence.

Monday, 17 September 2007

Embracing the power of female sexuality
A Tantra workshop for Women
6 October 2007 @ Shakti Khaya, Jhb

The power of female sexuality

I frequently get asked by women how they can deepen their relationship to their own sexuality. What these women express is an intuitive knowing that there must be more to their sexuality than what they are letting themselves in on. What exactly this more is, we often don’t know: a sinking into the softest bliss of self love, a discovery and exploration of my own secret stories and mysteries, a getting to know and love and honour my body, an ability to stay luminously present, the goddess, inside relationship and alone… Maybe all of the above.

I have put together a day for all women to come explore, discover and play. Come find out for yourself. It is true of course that women’s sexuality is the source of untapped mysteries, power and delight. In ancient matriarchal times everybody knew that, and a women’s sexuality was understood by all as a doorway to the divine, to awakening, to moving through all illusions. Patriarchy has taught us differently about our sexuality. Either you are a virgin or a whore; either you are a wife or you are trouble, sexually… And in this context we have developed myriads strategies of withholding, seduction, compromise, performance in order to just get a sniff of what we still inherently sense to be there: The power of female sexuality.

But the times they are a-changing. Now it is only we ourselves who are holding us back. Are you ready to start opening the windows and see what new light may come shining onto your full sexual beauty?

Shakti, the facilitator

I am a Tantrika, that is, a teacher of the ancient art of sacred sexuality, and member of the School of Advait Tantra www.sacredsex.co.za. Apart from running retreats and workshops, I run a private practice. I have a Ph.D in Social Antropology, but it is really the journey of my own awareness which enables me to facilitate this work.

Workshop details

Date: 6 October 2007
Time: 9.30 for 10 am – 4.30pm
Place: Shakti Khaya 71 Kallenbach Drive, Linksfield Ridge
Cost: R700 for this workshop only, or R1000 for both this workshop and Riding the Waves
Booking is essential as spaces are limited. For bookings and enquiries, contact Shakti on 0833010399 or Shakti@shakti.co.za. My website address: www.shakti.co.za

“Follow your bliss!” – Joseph Campbell