Womens' Tantra Events by Shakti

Monday, 28 July 2008

Paths to Bliss for Women
A Women's Workshop
Saturday 9 August 3 - 6pm
The Forge, 12 Windsor Rd, Kalk Bay

In this workshop I will be exploring with you several pathways to deepening sexual bliss in a woman's body. Many of the techniques can be explored on your own and then brought into a relationship, bringing a whole new range of possibilities to it. They can also be practiced with great benefit by women who are single, and apply equally to women who are in same sex or or opposite sex relationships. Here are some of the main themes we will be exploring:
  • Deepening awareness of the breasts as a source of life energy
  • The flowering yoni - activating sexual energy in the vagina and taking it up the body
  • Uncoiling the snake - unwinding women's kundalini (sexual energy) through subtle movement
  • Using soft touch as a way of meeting the feminine

Our world is still quite oriented to men, and so much of what we think is female sexual expression does not even begin to meet what women are capable of. So let's explore where we can go! Please note that, as this is an introductory workshop, no nakedness or overt intimacy will be required.

Cost: R250. Please book with Shakti at 0833010399 or shakti@shakti.co.za
Bring a blanket and a pillow