Womens' Tantra Events by Shakti

Monday, 8 February 2010

Tantra for Women
Celebrating Female Sensuality

Saturday 13 February 10am - 4pm
Good Vibrations Rivonia

Tantra, the art of sacred sexuality, regards women's sexuality as a gateway to bliss and awakening. However, in 2000 year of patriarchy we have forgotten the true power and beauty of our sexuality as women. This workshop is an opportunity to encounter and move through what is in the way of the full celebration of your sexuality as a woman. It is also an opportunity to explore how sexual energy, kundalini, moves thorugh a woman. Our bodies are designed differently from those of men. Because men are often our first sexual teachers, many women have come to believe that our bodies should move like men in love making. Also, modern living has conditioned us into living more in our masculine and regarding the feminine as weak and impotent. No wonder so few women get to touch the depths of delight available to the feminine. Through breath work, movement and role play, I will guide you into the delicious flow of female sexual energy - the pure power of creative life force - through your body.

A lovely sensual lunch is included
Cost: R800pp

The facilitator, Dr Shakti Malan

Shakti has a well established practice as Tantrika in Cape Town and teaches all around the country. She has a Ph.D. in Social Anthropology. For details on her background, the nature and extent of her work as well as upcoming events, see shakti.co.za and totalitytherapy.com.

Bookings: Book with Shakti at shakti@shakti.co.za or 0833010399. The venue is intimate and space is limited.


Good Vibrations Health Sanctuary is at 9A, Eleventh Avenue
corner Homestead Road

The venue at Good Vibrations that we will be using is Synchronicity

Please tell friends who might be interested!