Womens' Tantra Events by Shakti

Thursday, 16 June 2011

Sky Dancing for Women

June 20 / 10am-6pm / Oakland (RSVP required) Cost $160

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Skydancing is what happens when a woman drops into the full bliss of her sexual womanhood. Women's sexuality is a powerful gateway to liberation, and yet on that is not much understood in our world. Our sexuality has been conditioned to be masculine rather than feminine. Not that men want it so. In fact, man's deepest yearning is for woman to step into the fullness of her feminine sexuality.

Skydancing is an essential expression of the wild woman in all of us. When our energy is freed up, it awakens in the yoni (vagina) and spirals up through the body, taking us into an ecstatic dance of letting-go. This teaching from woman to woman takes some doing in our current western mindset. Women have been brought up to believe that most or all of their sexual expression is wrong and must only be presented in an acceptable way according to the culture.

The purpose of this workshop is to guide women into the opening, release and receptivity that turns our sexuality into a force of awakening. Some themes that may be covered in this workshop (depending on the requirements of the group):

* Awakening sexual energy
* Opening to desire
* Directing sexual energy
* The essential qualities of the feminine
* Sexuality, belonging and relationships
* Virgin, whore, women’s union
* Listening to yoni
* Connecting heart and sex

The methods we use are breathwork, subtle movement, dancing, conversation and enactment.
As this energy is very alive in my body, I am able to transmit it to the women in the group. This transmission is one of the key methods that makes this workshop so powerful.

No nakedness is required and no direct sexual contact with others. It is entirely possible to wake up the beauty and power of your own sexuality through dropping into the bliss of your own experience - which is what we will be doing on this workshop.

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