Womens' Tantra Events by Shakti

Thursday, 19 April 2012

 Sexual Awakening for Women
Talk and book presentation by Shakti Mari Malan
San Francisco, California 15 May 7 - 9pm
London 6 June 2012 7 - 9pm

Female sexual energy has a unique quality that is little understood in our world today. In her new book, Sexual Awakening for Women: A Tantric Workbook, Shakti shows women how to begin to taste again, and deeply enjoy, the bliss of female sexual energy. 

Shakti believes that female sexual energy is a gateway to spiritual awakening. Her work is an initiation into the deep mysteries of female sexuality. Sexual Awakening for Women takes women through an opening process of the first four chakras, or energy centers in the body, to awaken the flow of sexual energy or kundalini, and to connect with the energy of the heart.

The book addresses key concerns that block women from their sexual flowering, and provides ample exercises to assist women in releasing these blockages. Examples are:
▪ How to move beyond a critical relationship with your body to one of deep, poetic appreciation.

▪ Understanding the virgin-whore split in women's psyches, finding the gift in each of these archetypes, and a deep integration.
▪ Listening to our sexual organs, appreciating their stories and finding a deeply loving relationship with them
▪ Moving from a goal-oriented, contractive sexual experience to an open, flowing surrender into bliss.
▪ Bringing the masculine and feminine into dialogue, and finally, deep union with that which is beyond the ego-mind.

California: http://totalitytherapy.eventbrite.com/
London: meera@onlyforart.com