Womens' Tantra Events by Shakti

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

 Awakening the Deep Feminine
with Shakti Malan and Lisa Anslow
30 June 2013, Bristol

In this workhop, Shakti and Lisa will support women in the awakening of the deep feminine in our hearts and our sexuality. The flowering of the feminine happens when she drops her agendas that are based on past wants and needs, and opens to this moment fully and completely.
Opening to the unknown in the moment she embodies the essence of the virgin, who experiences life and love for the first time. Freed from limitation and opening as pure sexuality, as the life force itself, she has the potential to birth new worlds and evolve all of creation. She is the power of pure sexuality. 

Shakti has a profound passion for the feminine, and she believes that the awakening of female sexual energy is a key to the spiritual awakening of the world in our day. She has been facilitating the discovery of female sexual energy to hundreds of women across the world over the last decade. Her book Sexual Awakening for Women and the courses she teaches based on the book create a space for women to discover the deep feminine and to open to their true magnificence in deep resonance with the masculine. For more on her work and schedule, see shakti.co.za and totalitytherapy.com. Shakti holds a Ph.D. (UCT) in Social Anthropology.

 Lisa is a Director of e-Aware in Bristol, a centre for human development and conscious evolution. She is a skilled facilitator with individuals and groups. Gained from teaching since 2009 as a Senior Teacher of The Form – Reality Practice™.  She naturally weaves her own extensive life learnings into courses that are practical in nature. Emphasising on empowering individuals to reconnect with their own inner knowing and the passion to bring to life their deepest potential.

Time: 10am - 6pm
Cost: 90 pounds
Bookings: Malika Hampton info.malika@yahoo.co.uk