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Thursday, 18 July 2013

 Skydancing Woman
Awakening Feminine Sexual Essence
with Shakti Malan
Shambhala Ranch, Mendocino
8 - 10 November, 2013 

Feminine sexual essence has a unique quality that is not much understood in our world. In fact, our idea of sexuality is really an outdated model of male sexuality. It is based on performance – being a good lover, making the right moves and  pleasing our lovers. For many women, sex is part of a subtly disguised trade in through which we hope to receive other things – a biochemical high, acceptance, a sense of success, being loved, being good enough, access to abundance of some sorts. Basically, we haven’t trusted that the Feminine herself is enough – we have believed that we have to prove ourselves, also sexually, to be enough.

It is time for these old ideas about our sexuality to slip off us like old cloaks we no longer need. It is time to step out, naked, into the full truth of our radiant beings as embodiment of the Feminine. It is time to feel, deep into our bodies, who SHE, the Feminine, really is. It is time to surrender into the bliss that is her true nature.

When we come into the quiet woods of our deepest interior as women, we discover in the center of that space our Yoni (vagina) like an exquisite flower of great sensitivity. When she opens, the energetic impact of her opening undulates up through our bodies and starts to open up the energetic gateways of the Chakras. Eventually, this awakened sexual energy, or Kundalini, moves all the way up through our crown chakras and takes us into an experience of blissful stillness and profound oneness with all of life.  When a woman’s sexual energy wakes up like this, it takes her into a subtle but ecstatic dance which in Tibetan Tantra is called Skydancing.

Photo by Kali kali.co.za

I invite you to join me for three days of immersion in Feminine Sexual Essence. In this time, you will
·      release the old beliefs and old forms that keep you in an old sexuality
·      drop deeply into the inherent knowing of your Feminine sexual body
·      get to know what Feminine Sexual Essence really is, and how to live from there
·      learn to relax into deep bliss in your body
·      start to attune to the subtle movement of awakened sexual energy in your body and
·      be initiated into Skydancing

This non-residential retreat is a taster for a more comprehensive, in-depth training in this work that Shakti will be offering in California next year.

About Shakti

Shakti has been guiding women deeper into their feminine essence for the past 15 years. She regards her role as that of the crone, or wise woman, holding the space for women to discover who we really are as sexual beings waking up to our spiritual essence. She has initiated hundreds of women across the globe into the awakening of their feminine sexual energy and their body of bliss and has supported women from many cultures in releasing sexual trauma and oppression to awaken to the beautiful body of the feminine. Shakti is the author of Sexual Awakening for Women. She has a Ph.D. in Social Anthropology.

What women say about Shakti's work

"This is life changing work. If you want to know who you REALLY are on a deep heart level then this is for you. It was a beautiful journey of shedding old armour and layers to reveal exquisite vulnerability and tenderness in a safe and honoring atmosphere of wonderful women. I experienced profound transformation that shifted old patterns and ideas about who I thought I was, and it brought me to a deep presence and knowing about my true self and taught me how to operate from my heart more than my head. Shakti is an amazing facilitator and a shining inspiration full of love and empathy for the human condition, she planted some treasure in me that I will carry for life and I am so deeply grateful to her for that."
Sally, London fashion buyer turned African farmer

“I feel tremendous relief and  "wow".    The shame is falling away, and I can really feel the innocence of sexual feelings.  Can I really let go all that effort?   All that trying to catch up?”
— Sheila, Pensioner, Scotland

“Shakti is a unique teacher & therapist, deeply gifted & accomplished, an inspired and inspiring fellow human traveler. She embodies the flow, love & compassion of the deep feminine while being fully conscious & strong in her masculine. This is such a rare combination in our unbalanced world... She brings the change the new Earth needs. She will guide you, invite you in a space where you can trust & let go. She will hold you, she will challenge you, she will let you taste unconditional love."

- Kalyani,Tantra practitioner, England

"I see Shakti as the keeper of the ancient knowledge of sexuality. Her intuition is sharp, I love her outspokenness and her ability to transmit 'thick' subjects on an ironic way, I appreciate the way in which she is able to perceive the person behind their personality, the truth of what is hiding inside ( the unconscious ) behind the multiple masks of the ego."
- Chiara, healer, architect and mother, Paris

"Shakti has been an inspiration of awakening in my life. Her teachings are a deep sharing of her own love of God, and her ever evolving knowing of Truth. My life continues to be blessed by this remarkable woman’s capacity to teach what she loves."
- Belinda, Birthing Guide, South Africa

“Working with Shakti is the rare opportunity of engaging with a master in her field. Since going to her awakening female sexuality retreat, my understanding of my own sexuality and what's possible with my husband has profoundly opened and shifted. Shakti walks her talk with love, commitment, and humor — she truly embodies conscious sexuality, which is such a gift to all women and men. For me, it has been an experience of coming home to myself.”
- Zoe, Sexologist, California

Booking details

$525 for shared rooms if registered by 10/25. $600 if registered after 10/25. 
*Prices include all meals and accommodation.
Shambhala Ranch Mendocino, Northern California
Bookings and inquiries
Contact Michelle Stransky (mstransky@gmail.com)


Starting pm Friday ending 4pm Sunday

4-5pm arrival/assign rooms
5-6:30pm opening session
6:30-7:30 dinner
7:30-10pm evening session
Saturday all day
7:30-8:30 breakfast
9-12 morning session
12-1pm lunch
1-4pm closing