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Monday, 26 August 2013

Sneak Preview:

Awakening Your Feminine Sexual Essence
A Live 7-Week Online Course to Initiate Your True Sexual Flowering 

Experience the transformation of your sexuality from the mediocre to the quivering aliveness of a body alight with love and passion.

Course Description

It is time for the sexual essence of women to wake up on the planet. SHE is calling you. And you are feeling it.

We live in a world that operates from an outdated masculine, goal-oriented model of sexuality. The essence of female sexuality is not much understood in our world. We have forgotten that our sexuality is an expression of our spiritual essence.

As successful women in the world, we have become more focused on achieving — even in the bedroom — than on feeling. Many women are confused about what it even means to be a woman. Underneath the confusion is a secret fear of the immense power we sense in our sexuality; and a frustration about how to access that power in a healthy way. Our sexuality has gone asleep.

But SHE, the pure sexual Feminine, is waking up. She is ready to give birth, through you, to a new evolution of humanity.

You can be part of this awakening.

The way through our limited perception of feminine sexuality is to go within. The way of the feminine is the way of feeling, from deep inside. From deep inside our bodies and our hearts, we start to feel again the sacred essence of the Feminine.

In the course of seven powerful weeks, I will guide you, through visualizations, subtle movement and breath, so you can drop deep into your sexual body and discover her sacred essence. You will release some of the main blocks that keep women across the world from entering their full sexual flowering. As you clear the way and open to yourself, deep into your body, you will call to you, the true masculine that is evolving now.

Join a movement of women who are ready to wake up, each moment, as the Beautiful Body of radiance, deep feeling and love. Receive the transmission of the Deep Feminine through my guidance and presence in your life over this time.

This work is a collective healing. And it is deeply personal as well. This experience will help you in letting go of that which no longer serves your sexuality. It initiates the opening of your true sexual flowering — your Beautiful Body of bliss. Discover that feminine sexual energy can set every moment of your day alight with bursting creative spark, inspiration and luscious enjoyment of life.

Free global tele-seminar on October 2, 2013
7 Week Course beginning October 17, 2013

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