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Saturday, 30 November 2013

Sexual Awakening for Women

Sexuality, Power and Love

Retreat Intensive and Facilitator’s Training
with Shakti Malan (Ph.D.)
8 -  13/16 February 2014
Little Karoo, South Africa

Ready to awaken sexually? 

This retreat is for women who are ready to awaken into the bright power and luminous love that is at the core of our sexuality as women. 
We live in a world that has little understanding of the unique qualities of feminine sexual essence. In fact, our sexuality tends to be based on an outdated masculine model. 
This model confuses the world’s image of feminine appearance with true feminine essence that shines from within, and also pays no heed to the essential energetic differences between masculine and feminine sexuality. 
As we grow up in a masculine world, our personal lives and ambitions tend to get shaped in a masculine way. There comes a time in a woman’s life when she realises that she can no longer live this illusion. 
It is time to wake up, and live from the core juicy essence of our true feminine!

Sexuality, Power and Love
The specific theme of this intensive is Sexuality, Power and Love. We will work with the relationship between our sexual centre (root and second chakras) and the higher energy centres of the body. 
For a woman to fully open to her sexual essence, she has to awaken not only in the yoni/vagina, but also to the core of her personal power (third chakra) and the power of love that radiates 
between her sex centre and her heart (fourth chakra). 

The relationship between sexuality and power is out of balance in our world. Sex has become a means of domination or manipulation for many, and has lost its true essence. 
Love's relationship to sexuality has become a flimsy romantic love full of projections or a self sacrificial love. It is time to reconnect to the true power and radiant love that vibrates up from our 
yonis and through our bodies when we are in true alignment. 

Tailor-made Guidance for You

This is a unique opportunity to have Shakti, the author of Sexual Awakening for Women, guide you in awakening to the deep feminine in your sexual essence. 
This retreat is suitable for women who have not worked with Shakti before as well as for those women who have worked extensively with her. 
You will be met exactly where you are. 
You will experience practices from the book as well as some new practices. 
Shakti’s guidance in your unique unfolding will allow you to discover the magic that can happen in a sisterhood of deep love and honouring.

On this retreat, you will:
  • Discover and experience the unique qualities of feminine sexual essence 
  • Come into deep intimacy and aliveness with your yoni/vagina
  • Be guided in clearing blockages in the upward flow of your sexual energy
  • Release the obstacles to feeling your anger and living your power with clarity and openness
  • Deepen the relationship between your masculine and feminine 
  • Learn how to clear the superficial layers that keep your heart closed and opening to the subtle levels of the heart as it opens
  • Expand your capacity to feel bliss in your body

Facilitator’s training:
For those women who wish to, or are, facilitating this work in some area of their lives, and for those who simply wish to go deeper, Shakti is offering an additional 2 days facilitation training. 
This training will give you:
  •  Basic confidence to initiate and run a women’s group
  • Invaluable skills in facilitating from consciousness, the heart and sensation
  • Basic skills in how to attune to the women in your group
  • Sexual somatic presencing - feeling what is happening in the bodies of participants, and guiding them deeper. 
  • Practical guidelines on creating and maintaining the container of the group. 

n!au 'ma, Little Karoo, Western Cape, South Africa
The venue for the retreat is the farm n'au !ma, which is run in deep respect for nature as a place of retreat and ceremony. 
It is situated between Montague and Ladysmith, at the foot of the Anysberg Mountains. 
Accommodation is in shared, simple, rustic Karoo style houses with broad verandas, fireplaces, gas stoves and fridges. 
Single accommodation may be available at additional cost. 
The farm is about 4 – 5 hours driving from Cape Town, and 3 hours from George.

Dates and times: 
Retreat Intensive starts 8th February at 4pm and ends 13th February at luncthime
Facilitator's training starts 13 February at 6pm and ends 16th February at lunchtime


Non-refundable deposit of R500 required to secure your place. This retreat has limited space and gets booked up. 
All costs include facilitation, accommodation and vegetarian meals*

Retreat Intensive: R7 125
Facilitators Training only***:  R4 350
Discounted rate for Intensive + Facilitators Training - R9 950 (total R1 450 discount)
Early bird discount for full payment before 8 January 2014: R100 off every day attended (R500 for intensive and R300 for facilitator's training)
Participants also registered for Shakti's year-long online Sexual Awakening for Women training get 25% off the facilitation fee**
* Camping: deduct R100 per day off total fees. 
** Inquire for more details.
*** This option by application only for women who have already done substantial work with Shakti. 

Bookings and inquiries with Rhianne: rhiannevdl@gmail.com