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Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Women's Sexual Cycles South Africa November 2014

   Entering the Wisdom of Woman’s Sexual Cycles
With Keriesa Botha and Shakti Malan

2 – 7 November 2014
Temenos Retreat Center, Mc Gregor, South Africa

This 6-day retreat offers a small group of women a profound and exclusive space to enter deeper into our sexuality and to tap the wisdom of our cyclical sexual nature under the guidance of two highly experienced facilitators.    

As women we are cyclical beings – we wax and wane like the moon, we have high tides and low tides like the sea.  The mystery of woman’s sexuality is that it is cyclical in nature and intimately influenced by the ebb and flow of  our menstrual cycles.    

During each cycle of the moon, our sexual body transforms through 4 different phases. Each of these four phases is a doorway into a deeper communing with our sexuality, with the essence of who we are, and with life.

In order to enter through these doorways, we are invited to listen to the wisdom of our sexual bodies and get in tune with the knowing that each phase brings. The pre-menstrual phase brings the opportunity to clarify our needs and roots us in our intuition.   Menstruation is a time for opening, softening and listening, deep into the knowing of our bodies.  The follicular and ovulation phases are times to engage in our creativity, feed our imagination  and move into the  fullest expression of ourselves in the world.

Embracing and engaging our feminine cyclical nature skillfully, empowers us to manage our energy and our daily lives with ease and nourishes our sexual expression with  joy and consciousness.

 Imagine listening to your sexual cycle as the inner guidance which keeps your life in balance and in harmony with the rhythms of life.  Imagine learning the skills of nourishing and restoring yourself during each phase of your cycle.  Imagine exploring breath practices that open the sexual body of woman. Imagine experiencing all of this through the rich medium of  process art, free writing, dance, storytelling and embodied practices in the beautiful, nurturing setting of the garden of Temenos Retreat Centre. Imagine having two experienced and dedicated guides initiating you into the wisdom of each gateway in your sexual cycle as woman.  This is what this retreat offers you.

During the retreat, we will

·      Learn about the sexual cycles of women
·      Understand how to nourish each phase of your cycle
·        Be guided in subtle movement and breath practices that open the sexual body of woman
·      Explore our own experience through art,  free writing ,  dance and story telling
·      Learn from each other’s life experiences through sharing in sisterhood circles.
·      Be nourished by the exquisite garden of Temenos.

The presenters

Shakti Malan has a profound passion for the feminine, and she believes that the awakening of female sexual energy is a key to the spiritual awakening of the world in our day. She has been facilitating the discovery of female sexual energy to hundreds of women across the world over the last decade. Her book Sexual Awakening for Women and the courses she teaches based on the book create a space for women to discover the deep feminine and to open to their true magnificence in deep resonance with the masculine.  Shakti holds a Ph.D. (UCT) in Social Anthropology.

Keriesa Botha has been one of Shakti’s mentors in the mysteries of the Feminine, and has many years of experience running workshops on the menstrual cycle and menopause. Keriesa has a post-graduate diploma in Psychophonetics Counselling and a Master’s Degree in Leadership and Change Management.

Temenos, the venue

With its cottages and sacred spaces nestled amongst the Gardens of the Beloved, Temenos is the ideal venue for this women’s retreat. See temenos.co.za. 

Cost and booking:

R6 000 facilitation fee for bookings before 30 September. R6 800 facilitation fee for bookings after.
Accommodation is R310 pppn sharing and R330 pppn single. Meals at your own expense in the restaurant. The cottages are self catering so you could take care of your own meals. 
Full payment of accommodation is required to reserve your place – Temenos only has accommodation for 16 participants.

For bookings and inquiries contact Rhianne van der Linde – rhiannevdl@gmail.com