Womens' Tantra Events by Shakti

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Sexual Cycles as Gateway to Feminine Sexuality
by Shakti Malan and Keriesa Botha

Tuesday 3rd June 2014, 7.30 - 9.30pm
Claremont, Cape Town 

A unique and profound quality of feminine sexuality is its cyclical nature. Within the course of one moon cycle, we go through a complete cycle of birth and death in our sexual bodies: from menstruation to ovulation and back to menstruation.

In this introductory talk, Keriesa will introduce you to the four key moments in women’s sexual cycle. When we come in tune with our sexual cycles, then our bodies guide us into a wise rhythm in our lives. We know when it is time to reflect and go inward, and when to follow the impulse of life wanting to burst forth. Shakti will talk about how the unique qualities of feminine sexual essence express themselves in our sexual cycles, and how we can live the juice of our sexual aliveness with more totality.

Shakti and Keriesa have both been walking long paths of discovery and initiation into the mystery of the sexual feminine. In the spirit of true sisterhood, they have richly and deeply shared this journey with each other. Now it is time for them to share together with women who are ready for the next level of initiation into the essence of the feminine. The evening will include some simple experiential practices.

Keriesa Botha
Shakti Malan

VENUE: 2 Avalon Road, Claremont
DATE: Tuesday 3rd June
TIME: 7.30pm - 9.30pm
COST: Free introductory event
BOOKING: RSVP essential